Knowist Custom Academy

Every innovative company needs its own training academy and Knowist Custom Academy can help you create one. Each company whose offering involves knowledge transfer (and it the modern world, that is, most companies) needs to (a) invest in training their own knowledge professionals, helping them acquire the skills they need to competently perform their assigned tasks such as creating innovative products; and (b) invest in educating the knowledge professionals of its customers' staff, training them in how to use those innovative products. Knowist Custom Academy help you create a custom academy by offering a 'White Label' service, in the sense that your branding is used throughout the academy, including using your own web domain name if you wish; with courses, other content and contact information specific to your company. Knowist Custom Academy can help your company organize and run your own academy, via instructor-led or online training or a blend of both. Services we offer include:

Knowist can combine training courses and knowhow that we already offer with custom material developed specifically for your needs, which you can then offer internally and externally. Knowist Custom Academy specifically focuses on advanced technical training. Many software companies offer products that target the software developer community. A key differentiator between those that are successful or not is how well they help these external developers get up to speed writing applications for the company's framework. Regular technical writers/trainers do not have the software engineering background for detailed training for developer-focused products. This is where Knowist can help you. Would you like Knowist to author a custom training course for your developer-focused products?